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Consuming Temples: German Jews and Consumer Culture on Both Sides of the Atlantic


Location: Toy Lounge, Dey Hall

Contact: Carolina Center for Jewish Studies

Description: PAUL LERNER (University of Southern California) will discuss the intertwined histories of German Jews and consumer culture, focusing on department stores in pre-Nazi Germany and advertising, malls, and amusement parks in post-war America, showing how Jewish immigrants from Germany and Austria shaped American consumer culture in the 20th century. Concentrating on several key figures, this […]

Crisis in the Middle East: How Refugees and Families Cope and Look to the Future


Location: Flyleaf Books

Contact: The Program in the Humanities and Human Values

Description: ANERA President Bill Corcoran discusses the challenges and needs of Syrian refugees and poor Palestinian families in Gaza. From lack of clean water to out-of-school youth, several issues afflict these communities and can continue to do so for generations to come. As an expert in refugee aid and development in the Middle East, Bill Corcoran will […]